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We work with our partner for the Haiti ministry

A Brief Introduction of All Arise Shine
All Arise Shine is a nonprofit intra- and cross-culture Christian organization to raise up God’s people and to fulfill their destiny in the kingdom. All Arise Shine believes that God creates His children with an unique purpose which is to shine and to be the light of the world. The goals of All Arise Shine are to raise up the feeble and infirm Christians, and to find the lost. The major ministries of All Arise Shine include six “S”s, i.e. 1) Spread and Share gospel; 2) Set free and Soar; 3) Stroll in faith; 4) Sure for destiny; 5) Shed light and Shine; and 6) Support and Supply.

The currently targeted ministry areas of All Arise Shine have people who are mostly underserved and/or the poorest of the poor. These areas include Central Haiti (villages around Hinche city), Tijuana in Mexico, Southern Taiwan, and mountain areas in Southeastern China. Recently All Arise Shine also starts to support “orphan missionaries” who are working in countries where Christians face the most prosecution.

Ministries conducted in the different areas are tailored according to the local characteristics and needs. For example, in Haiti, All Arise Shine supports the following ministries, including 1) Feed the hungry: provide food for the village people; 2) Children of tomorrow’s kingdom: build elementary schools for kids in villages; 3) Living water coming up: drill water wells; 4) Light up Haiti: install low cost and durable solar lamps in villages; 5) Rebuild the broken walls: plant churches; 6) Release from the cage: provide the handicapped education; and 7) Paradise on earth: support orphanage.

If you are interested, or have the burden to participate, in the ministries of All Arise Shine, please visit its website at to gain more detailed information. Thank you.

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